How to Send SMS

Click “Standard Login”  from Login menu. Enter your user name and password and click login. After successfully login, you will see the following menu on your dashboard. To send single sms click Quick SMS from Messaging menu. Enter mobile number with  88 (eg. 88016xxxxxxxx) on Recipients field.


Write your Sender Name on Sender “Alphanumeric” field. Sender name can be maximum 11 character with space.  Write your message on message box and click “Send”

To send Bulk SMS click “Bulk SMS” from Messaging Menu and choose your file form your computer. You can send sms from Excel (up to 6 MB), .csv or .txt (up to 15 MB) file with Mobile numbers.


Click “choose file” and click “Next”


Excell and Next

Write Sender name and write your msg on message box & click “Next”

Write msg & Next

Now click “Start job” to send bulk sms.

Start Job