Rule for Sender

Don’t use any fake Sender ID

1. Please use only your Company’s Name or your own name or use your own number as your SMS sender ID.
2. Don’t use any Other’s Company’s/Brand’s Name or their Short Code number or Mobile/Land phone number. (e.g. “MiM SMS, bKash, DBBL, GP, BL etc.”)
3. Don’t use any Spam words as Sender ID and your message. (e.g. Sex, Sexy) If you use any spam word in message then your message will not be delivery, but Standard SMS charge will be dedicated from your account.
4. Don’t use any sender ID that’s name is Government related of Bangladesh (Also any Country) (e.g. Govt. info)
5. Don’t use any sender ID that’s name is any Telecommunication/Mobile Operator’s related. (e.g. BTRC)
6. If some one use this type of Sender ID then his/her User Account will be block as soon as possible and his/her account balance will be zero (00.00) and his Mobile/PC will be Track for his MIC & Messages history.